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Woman Accused Of Poisoning Husband’s Soda With Weed Killer

A woman from Missouri was jailed for allegedly trying to poison her husband. The Laclede County Sheriff’s Office said that 47-year-old Michelle Peters spiked her husband’s Mountain Dew with Roundup weed killer.

Authorities said that her husband became suspicious when he became sick after drinking Mountain Dew. When he reviewed surveillance camera footage from his home, he saw that his wife was putting the weed killer in his bottle of soda. The Sheriff’s Office said that Peters allegedly laced the soda with weed killer several times in May and June. They also noted that he was the only person in the household who drank Mountain Dew.

Peters’ husband turned the video footage over to law enforcement, and officials called Peters in for questioning.

After speaking with detectives, she was taken into custody and charged with first-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action.

Peters is being held at Laclede County Detention Center with no bond. Authorities did not provide any details about a potential motive for her alleged actions.

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