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WATCH: Security Guard Quits During TV Interview While Arguing With His Boss

A security guard quit his job in the middle of a TV interview while arguing with his supervisor. A KTBC reporter was interviewing Percy Payne, a security guard for Priebe Security, about an incident on Monday (June 24) night during which he was attacked by two men.

Payne said that he confronted two men on electric scooters who broke into the underground parking garage.

“One individual was at my driver’s door with his back to me, looking back. The other individual was at my passenger door facing me, being a lookout,” he said.

When Payne approached, the two men ran off. He chased after them and attempted to detain them for the police. However, the men started to fight back, and Payne let them go. He suffered a minor injury in the scuffle.

When he called 911, he was told it was not an emergency because the two men didn’t steal his car. He then called back, and another operator said that officers would be dispatched, but they didn’t show up for an hour.

In the middle of the interview, Payne’s supervisor with Priebe Security interrupted and told him that he was not allowed to do interviews while wearing his uniform. After some back-and-forth, Payne changed his shirt and continued to speak with the reporter.

However, that did not placate his supervisor, as the two continued to argue on camera about the incident. At one point, Payne asked her, “Is it my fault,” to which she replied, “I would say yes. Every bit of it was your fault.”

Payne calmly replied, “Okay, thank you,” and handed her his uniform.

“The fact that my supervisor basically told me it was my fault that I got assaulted. That let me know all that I needed to know,” Payne told the news station after leaving the scene.

Authorities said they are searching for the two men responsible for attacking Payne.

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