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Couple Hikes Up Hawaii Volcano To Escape Armed Carjacking, Robbery

A California couple was forced to flee into the wilderness after they were carjacked in Hawaii. The Maui Police Department said the couple was driving a rented Ford Mustang when a Toyota Tacoma with its headlights off drove past them and then came to an abrupt stop in the middle of the roadway.

An armed man, later identified as Christopher Helmer, got out of the Tacoma and ordered the couple out of the Mustang. They complied, and he drove away while they hid in the bushes.

A few moments later, Helmer drove back towards the couple.

“The male reportedly returned to the area, calling out to the victims and asking them if they wanted the car back. He continued calling out and looking for the victims, during which time he fired at least one shot with the pistol, causing the couple to believe he was shooting at them,” the Maui Police Department explained.

The couple continued to hide and eventually made their way toward Haleakala volcano. After about 24 hours, a group of hikers found the couple near the summit of the volcano and helped them to the visitors’ center.

Officers tracked down Helmer and found him driving the Mustang. He was taken into custody without incident and is facing robbery and firearm charges.

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