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WATCH: Hurricane Beryl Slams Texas Coast, Causes ‘Dramatic Damage’

Hurricane Beryl hit Texas on Monday (July 8) morning after killing multiple people and causing dramatic flooding and infrastructural damage across the Caribbean islands over the weekend. The Weather Channel shared video footage of the category 1 storm as it made landfall on the Gulf Coast of Texas, depicting downed power lines, and widespread flooding.

Heavy wind and rain continue to batter the region, overtaking roads, homes, and vehicles, with footage showing large campers being blown down and swept away in intense floodwaters.

People taking part in Fourth of July festivities near the Texas coast were told to move inland, and bans were placed along the beach. According to NBC News, two people are dead as a result of the storm wreaking havoc across Southeast Texas. Both individuals passed away after suffering injuries from large trees crashing into their homes.

Over 2.5 million customers are currently without power as the terrifying storm continues to travel North through the state. Hundreds of flights out of Houston’s George Bush International Airport have been cancelled due to the lingering, detrimental effects of Hurricane Beryl.

Rain continues to dump across the Lone Star state as citizens living in the path of destruction attempt to repair damage. Tornado watches (resulting from 80 MPH winds) remain in effect for parts of Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas until 10:00 p.m.

(Watch additional footage of Hurricane Beryl hitting Texas on weather.com.)

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