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Google’s ‘Shortcut’ Suggestion Leaves Driver Stranded On Mountain

A driver ended up stranded on a mountain in Utah after following a shortcut suggested by Google Maps. The Wasatch County Search & Rescue said that the unnamed 23-year-old was driving between Springville and Vernal when Google suggested an alternative route that would save him some time.

The updated route took him off-road, and his Toyota Tercel got stuck on a dirt road on the west side of Strawberry Peak, which is about 28 miles south of Park City. Luckily, the man had cell service and was able to call 911 for help.

A rescue team was dispatched to the area and found the man’s vehicle stuck in the mud on a tree-lined dirt path. Officials said that the man was uninjured but required transport off the mountain. The entire operation took about three hours.

Officials did not say what happened to the man’s vehicle or how they got it off the mountain.

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