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Top-Secret Underwater Drone Discovered On Google Maps

A top-secret military vessel was spotted by eagle-eyed viewers on Google Maps, according to the New York Post. If you look closely at the satellite view of Port Hueneme in California, you can see what appears to be the Manta Ray docked in between two other vessels.

The Manta Ray, which resembles a Jedi starfighter from Star Wars, is a top-secret autonomous vessel being developed for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency by Northrop Grumman.

In a press release in May, DARPA said that the Manta Ray had recently completed its in-water testing.

“Our successful, full-scale Manta Ray testing validates the vehicle’s readiness to advance toward real-world operations after being rapidly assembled in the field from modular subsections,” said Dr. Kyle Woerner, DARPA program manager for Manta Ray. “The combination of cross-country modular transportation, in-field assembly, and subsequent deployment demonstrates a first-of-kind capability for an extra-large UUV.”

The unmanned vessel is capable of remaining on the sea floor for extended periods of time without the need for refueling and is equipped with several payload bays of multiple sizes and types.

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