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Teacher Shares The ‘Worst Names’ She’s Come Across

When it comes to naming a child, some parents go the traditional route, while others try something more unique. As all those kids grow up and head to school, their teachers get to know them, and their monikers, so teachers have heard all kinds of names during their tenure, and one decided to share some of the “worst” ones she’s encountered.

In a post on Reddit titled “Best (Or Worst) Names I’ve Come Across As A Teacher,” the educator lists some very questionable names. She starts off with a boy named “Omeane,” which she explains is pronounced “Oh-Mean-ee.” Next is a boy named “My’Kiss” and another named “Grian,” which she says is “like Brian but with a G.”

As for girls, there was one named Tec, about which she states, “[I] had to check the roster because I figured it had to be short for something, but nope it was just Tec,” and another girl named Fick, which sounds like a bad word in English but in German, it is that bad word.

The teacher ends her post with, “Sometimes I wonder if parents are naming their kids and thinking about them going their whole lives with these names.”

Plenty commenters had things to say about the names on the teacher’s list, while others shared the ones they’ve heard about. One person wrote about students being named “after expensive things,” saying “there were lots of Porsches, Mercedes and Bentleys.” Someone else said, “This year alone we have kids named Avalon, Apollo, Heron (a girl), Soleila (like the French word for sun with an -a), Sirius, Korben, Lilith, Kaidy, Khileya, Henry (a girl), Cedar (a boy).”

You can read more of the names on Reddit.

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