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Fire, Power Loss Reported On World’s Largest Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean International‘s Icon of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship, experienced a small fire that resulted in power loss, but didn’t impact operations, the company confirmed to CruiseHive.com.

“Royal Caribbean has confirmed that a small fire was extinguished swiftly by the ship’s crew. This resulted in a brief power loss but did not impact the ship’s operations, and the voyage has continued as normal,” CruiseHive.com‘s Melissa Mayntz wrote.

Multiple reports of a possible explosion and fire onboard the Icon of the Seas spread on social media prior to Royal Caribbean’s confirmation. The ship, which departed from Miami last Saturday (June 22), is currently docked in Costa Maya, Mexico, for day four of its seven-night cruise.

Guests onboard the ship reported shuddering or shaking, as well as the emergency code “Bravo Bravo Bravo,” which typically indicates a fire, being heard over the vessel’s public address system. Last month, a passenger of the Icon of the Seas died after jumping off the vessel during the first night of its scheduled week-long voyage, the New York Post reported on May 28.

The man jumped off the 12,000-foot-long Royal Caribbean cruise ship shortly after it departed from Florida to Honduras on May 26, the Coast Guard confirmed to the Post. The Icon of the Seas 7,600 holds passengers and 2,350 crew members.

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