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Police Recover Over 4,000 Stolen Lego Sets Worth $200,000

Authorities in Oregon recovered over 4,000 stolen Lego sets following a months-long investigation. The Springfield Police Department served a search warrant on 47-year-old Ammon Henrikson, the owner of Brick Builders, a Lego store in Eugene.

Officers seized 4,153 Lego sets valued at an estimated $200,000. The Lego sets were stolen from other stores in the area.

Officials said that Henrikson would purchase the Lego sets from the thieves, knowing they were stolen. The thieves would then use the money from the stolen Lego sets to buy illegal drugs.

“In several instances, suspects stole hundreds of dollars’ worth of Lego sets and then immediately went to the Brick Builders store to exchange the stolen items for cash: most often at a fraction of their actual retail value,” authorities said in a statement. “When interviewed, some suspects advised that Brick Builders’ staff knew the sets had recently been stolen. Officers learned that many of the suspects were utilizing the money they received to buy and use illegal drugs.”

Henrikson has been charged with organized retail theft and theft by receiving.

Authorities said the investigation remains open as they look for those responsible for stealing the Lego sets.

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