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Presidents Biden And Zelenskyy Sign 10-Year Bilateral Security Agreement

President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a 10-year bilateral security agreement on Thursday (June 13). The agreement, signed at the annual Group of Seven (G7) summit in Italy, aims to strengthen Ukraine’s defense and deterrence capabilities against Russia.

“He cannot wait us out, he cannot divide us,” Biden said, referring to Russian leader Vladimir Putin. “We’re going to stand with Ukraine.”

The agreement does not commit U.S. troops directly to Ukraine’s defense against Russia, a line drawn by Biden to avoid direct conflict with nuclear-armed Moscow. However, it includes a commitment by the U.S. to work with Congress on a source of sustainable funding for the future. The U.S. will coordinate with Ukraine and other U.S. allies and partners to ensure Ukraine has the necessary military, intelligence, and other means to defend itself and deter Russian aggression

In addition to the security pact, the U.S. and European countries agreed to keep sanctioned Russian assets locked up until Moscow pays reparations for its invasion of Ukraine. This agreement clears the way for a $50 billion loan package for Ukraine, which will be used for military, economic, humanitarian, and reconstruction needs. The loan will be secured by interest flowing from about $300 billion in frozen Russian assets.

Despite the historic agreement, Zelenskyy expressed concerns about the durability of support from the United States and other allies, especially in light of upcoming elections in many of those countries. He warned that if Ukraine does not withstand Russian aggression, the democracy of many countries may not withstand either.

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