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Parents Upset With Police Response After 73 Unruly Teens Detained At Mall

Over 70 minors were detained after failing to disperse from SouthBay Pavillion Mall in Carson, California, over the weekend. Officers were called to the shopping mall around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday (July 6) night after receiving reports that around 200 minors were causing disturbances.

Police said that some of the minors were setting off fireworks inside the mall while others set fire to trashcans.

The mall was shut down, and officers ordered everybody to disperse, but many refused to leave.

Officers called for more backup and began working to clear out the mall, detaining anybody who stayed. Those detained were cited for failing to disperse and disturbing the peace and held until their parents or guardians picked them up.

Several people were upset at the heavy-handed police response to the disturbance.

“I feel like they should’ve only detained the ones that started the fire, not all the kids,” Jamila Buie, whose 16-year-old nephew was detained, told KTLA. “It’s only 30 people. They said they had video of the kids that started the fire.”

Another parent agreed, telling the station her son is a good kid.

“He’s 11-years-old, exactly,” Amber Lyn said. “No paperwork, never been in trouble. He gets straight A’s and he’s an athlete.”

However, Carson Mayor Lula Davis-Holmes praised the police response.

“The safety and well-being of our residents and businesses are our top priority. We are taking immediate steps to ensure such incidents do not recur. Our community’s strength lies in our ability to come together and address challenges head-on. I commend the Sheriff’s Department for their quick action and the community for their cooperation,” Davis-Holmes said.

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