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Parents Drown On Vacation With 6 Kids After Getting Caught In Rip Current

A Pennsylvania couple drowned while on vacation with their six kids in Florida after getting caught in a strong rip current. Brian Warter and Erica Wishard were swimming on Hutchinson Island with their family when two of their kids got caught in the rip current.

As soon as Warter and Wishard entered the water, they also got swept away by the rip current. Their kids managed to break free and tried to help their parents but were forced to swim back to shore because the current was too strong.

“Multiple witnesses told our investigators that both the male and female, who are now deceased, got in the ocean, right into a rip current, and immediately were pulled from the shore. One of the children of the deceased tried to yell to them instructions on how to swim parallel to the shore, but they were in panic mode and unfortunately went under,” Martin County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy John Budensiek told WPBF.

Lifeguards then rushed into the water and managed to pull Warter and Wishard, who were both unconscious, back to shore. The couple was rushed to the hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

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