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Panda Express Bringing Back ‘Most Requested Dish’ For A Limited Time

Panda Express just announced the relaunch of one of its most beloved and highly-requested menu items. According to a press release, the popular fast-food chain has officially resurrected Beyond The Original Orange Chicken! 

The popular menu item made its debut in 2022, and, not long after, was discontinued. Customers immediately petitioned for the item’s return (with 7,000+ signatures across social media), trying to persuade decision makers at both Beyond Meat and Panda Express to “give the people what they want!”

And what the people want is more Beyond The Original Orange Chicken!

The company released a statement regarding the return of the delicious menu item after the petition surfaced, highlighting National Orange Chicken Day on July 15th. Perfect timing!

“With no shortage of consumer appetite and demand for the dish, Panda and Beyond Meat are thrilled to bring back Beyond The Original Orange Chicken at hundreds of participating locations nationwide, and couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to give guests looking for a plant-based option the chance to indulge in the addictive flavor they know and love – especially ahead of National Orange Chicken Day on July 15!”

The dish, initially “created to capture the irresistibly crunchy texture and flavor of Panda’s signature Orange Chicken” has now become a plant-based favorite of patrons nationwide.

As of July 3rd, Beyond The Original Orange Chicken is available at “hundreds of participating locations nationwide for a limited time.”

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