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Missing 4-Year-Old Girl Found Dead, 6-Year-Old Sister Alive

The search for two missing girls in Louisiana came to an end after authorities found four-year-old Erin Brunett dead and her six-year-old Jalie Brunett alive in Mississippi.

The two girls were reported missing on Thursday (June 13) after their mother, 35-year-old Callie Brunett, was found brutally murdered in her mobile home by her father.

Authorities located the suspect, 36-year-old Daniel Callihan, in Jackson, Mississippi, and took him into custody. Callihan led officers to his car, where Jalie was alive. He then led them to the body of Erin. Investigators are waiting for the results of the autopsy to determine how she was killed.

Jalie was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Officials said that Callihan was dating Callie, who he is accused of brutally murdering before kidnapping the girls.

Jackson Police Chief Joseph Wade said it appeared that Callihan was involved in human trafficking.

“Based on the crime scene, what it looks like, this may be the place where there has been some human trafficking done,” Wade told reporters. “We see cages, small animal cages. This is very, very disturbing to me as a police chief and as a father to witness and see what I saw.”

Officials said they are also looking for a possible female accomplice.

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