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Man Stopped At Customs With 100 Live Snakes Down His Pants

A man was nabbed by customs officials trying to smuggle over 100 snakes into China. Officials caught the man at Futian Port, a checkpoint between Hong Kong and mainland China, with the snakes stuffed down his pants.

The live snakes were kept in six plastic bags that were sealed shut with tape.

“Once opened, each bag was found to contain living snakes in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. After counting, a total of 104 snakes were found,” authorities said in a statement.

Officials identified five different species of snakes: the milk snake, western hognose snake, corn snake, Texas rat snake, and bullsnake. None of the snakes are venomous.

Authorities did not say if the man was arrested or what specific charges he was facing for trying to smuggle the snakes into China.

“If the regulations are violated, the customs will pursue legal liability in accordance with the law,” they said in a statement.

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