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Man Kidnapped Sporting Goods Store Manager In Scheme To Steal Over 100 Guns

A man involved in a kidnapping scheme to steal over 100 guns pleaded guilty to several federal charges, the Department of Justice said in a release Tuesday (July 2).

Darnell Bishop admitted that he and another man, Dontrell Nance, kidnapped the manager of Dunham’s Sports at gunpoint and forced him to reveal how to disable the store’s alarm.

The two men then drove the manager to the store. Bishop went inside, stealing 123 guns and several other items, while Nacne waited in the car with the store’s manager.

Authorities said that all of the stolen guns were recovered.

“My office is laser-focused on those few individuals driving gun violence in our communities, including active shooters and gun traffickers,” said U.S. Attorney Mark Totten. “Darnell Bishop’s brazen crimes, if successful, would have flooded the streets of Benton Harbor and beyond with illegal firearms. I’m grateful to our law enforcement partners for their swift investigative work that put a stop to this criminal scheme.”

Bishop faces a maximum penalty of life in prison.

Nance previously pleaded guilty to the same charges and will be sentenced on July 22.

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