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I rode the Los Angeles Critical Mass and was amazed.

This year’s L.A. Critical Mass has grown beyond expectations, and the city of Los Angeles has no choice but to acknowledge this truth. We had the pleasure of riding last month’s ride and were astonished at how big this event was. We even met a mayor and several city council members who ride this huge event frequently. We won’t be surprised if off-duty police officers also enjoy this festival on wheels.

We didn’t even bother to figure out how many cyclists attended the May 2024 ride. The attendance stretched the entire length of the Los Angeles 6th Street Bridge. The 6th Street vile duct is 3500 feet long, and 5280 feet is 1 mile. The L.A. Critical Mass May 2024 ride was over half a mile. How many people can you squeeze in 3500 feet? Now, that is a lot of cyclists. All sorts of different bikes were ridden in this event. We saw road bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, many e-bikes, and more. We had the pleasure of talking with Lisa Lundie, who leads this huge event at the end of every month. This ride is led by a $250,000 Lucid Saphire car that glistens in the night with dozens of bike lights that shine on this lead car. In the upcoming weeks, we will post an interview with Lisa, who will take some time to talk with us regarding her role in this one-of-a-kind event that takes place in metropolitan Los Angeles every last Friday of every month. Stay tuned!

Sheila Newman
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