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Lakewood Issues Three Dozen Citations for Illegal Fireworks on 4th of July

LAKEWOOD (CNS) – Authorities in Lakewood issued three dozen citations for illegal fireworks on the Fourth of July and seized more than 800 illegal fireworks, officials said Friday.

“A team of extra deputy sheriffs and city public safety officers patrolled neighborhoods and responded to calls from residents,” a city statement said.

“In recent years, Lakewood increased the citation fine for illegal fireworks so that the total cost can run $2,000 or more,” the city said.

Illegal fireworks include skyrockets, mortars, firecrackers and “anything that goes into the air or explodes,” the city said.

“We know there was still a lot of illegal fireworks use, especially if it was happening near your house,” said City Manager Thaddeus McCormack. “But I hope Lakewood residents appreciate the amount of effort that their city puts into battling the use of illegal fireworks and keeping it from being even worse.”

According to the city officials, Lakewood allows the use of “safe and sane” fireworks — those that do not go into the air or explode. Laws vary around the state on the use of fireworks in local jurisdictions.

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