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If You Find A Slice Of Cheese On Your Car, You Actually Might Be In Danger

It used to be that if you noticed something weird around you, there would be some kind of funny story to it, but nowadays if you see something strange, it always seems like that means you are in danger. There have been warnings shared on social media about how finding a water bottle on your car or discovering “1F” written outside of your home could be a sign that you might be victimized, and now comes an even odder warning – if you find a piece of cheese on your car you might be in danger.

It all comes down to how all the bad people in the world keep coming up with new ways to abduct potential victims, and one woman is warning others after she found the dairy product on her vehicle. The woman, named Mimi, shared her story on TikTok, saying it is “for all my ladies out there.” In it, Mimi explains how she came out of church one Sunday to find cheese melted on her car. Likely thinking it was just some kids’ prank, she called up a friend to help her scrape it all off, but when her friend arrived, a white van with men in it two parking spots down from her pulled out and went to a lot across they street, where they seemingly parked so they could watch the women clean off the cheese.

Mimi said it took an hour to get rid of the mess and stated, “I personally had no idea that they were using this as a tactic to take people now and if I hadn’t called my friend, I could have easily been taken in the hour that it took me to scrape off the cheese and this happened at my church, so I can’t even imagine where they’re trying to use this on people.”

Mimi went on to warn, “If you see cheese on your car, lock it, leave, do not stay in that parking lot because they can easily take you and they’re watching you.”

Commenters were disturbed by what happened to Mimi, writing things like, “Never have I ever thought that, as a woman, I would need to fear cheese. Are we not allowed to enjoy anything?” and “This is so scary. When you start driving, you always need to be aware,” and “Paint is replaceable, you’re not! Go home first then remove the cheese.” One other warned, “Not just cheese. Anything with the car. Sticker, wire, t-shirt. ANYTHING on your car. Ladies be careful.”

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