Glass Spells – Shattered (Official Video)


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Videographers: Mitch Wilson of Lunar Maps Productions & Ceci Enriquez of Twelve Creations
Video Editor: Tania Costello
Location: The Lafayette Hotel San Diego

Glass Spells Is:
Tania Costello (Vocals)
Anthony Ramirez (Instrumentals)
Michael Buehl (Live Drums)

Song mixed by Steve Krolikowski

Find the insanity
Through the scene
Catch the liar in me
In the shadows
All the lovers believe
I leave them all

Dream of me
In all the colors (x2)

In the night
When we run away
In the night
When we hide away
In the night
I lie awake (x2)

Leave the scene
Find the reality
Hear the scream
I become incomplete
By tomorrow
All the lovers believe
I lead them on

Dream of me
In all the colors (x2)

In the night
When we run away
In the night
When we hide away
In the night
I lie awake (x2)

Leave your lust behind
Shattered romance (x2)

Shattered romance (x3)
Shattered love
Shattered romance
Shattered love

In the night
When we run away run away
In the night
When we hide away hide away
In the night
I lie awake (2x’s)

All the colors

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  1. Damn, really awesome song and cool video as well, you guys are really nailing it in the video department and the decisions on which songs to actually make into full videos. Genuinely excited to hear more and more new tracks from you guys. I’ve Been going through your back catalog of songs recently since discovering you and while there are a lot of good songs, it really sounds and feels like you guys hit your strive in the past year or so as your sound has matured and feels tighter in your more recent stuff, plus you guys have a lot of swagger now and really look the part of a well put together and confident duo and just have that general aura of coolness that really brings that extra level of fun to music. Talent wise instead of people comparing you to other similar acts, there going to have to start comparing other bands/duos to you guys because you’re at that point where you’re becoming a real standard as far as what people should aim for if they are perusing a similar musical path which shows me you guys are working hard, but also tapping in to your creative side and beautifully constructing it all into real art. I’d put this song in my top 3 from you guys atm, the other 2 being thrills and don’t save me. Really glad I have discovered you guys, music has been boring lately as it feels like most of the stuff I listen to is often from bands I’ve discovered several years back as there hasn’t been any real true new standouts and I kind of miss the excitement of stumbling upon new bands and that feeling when you really feel like you discovered a hidden gem. So thanks for reigniting a spark in my music interest and whatever it is you guys are doing, keep it up as you guys are legit awesome and very talented and just a total joy to listen to. Truly rooting you on and sending you good vibes and I know as long you two stay passionate you will go far.

  2. OK. I freaking love this song! So will my neighbors whether they like y’all or not and they won’t be able to do much about it lol😂 much love from Texas

  3. Sweet song and groovy type of video. It’s different and it works. Also good looking woman 😍😎

  4. I know this well…
    I’m so happy now…
    Love your music 🌹

  5. The musical piece comes off as lounge music, super chill laid back great for having a conversation; it also reminds me of generic music you hear in the background in a movie dance scene.
    The quality of the vocals seem a bit flat/monotone which add to the serene vibe that the song seems to want to portray.
    I wish the vocal artist would’ve played higher lower range of notes.
    Maybe change the quality of the voice to portray and experiment with emotion.

  6. Im a Gen X ….i love the style. Makes me feel young again. The rhythm takes me back to my innocence. Keep it up. Love the vocals..very angelic.

  7. I’m so pissed I moved from Cali to the east coast this past year! I wish I could see you guys in San Diego and L.A.! I’m loving this sound! Nostalgic yet feels like a breathe of fresh air! I hope this year for an East coast tour. Boston, NYC, Providence please! 🙏

  8. A female singer to really grasp the listener. The colors, wardrobe is wonderful. The cord progressions and beats are unique to your band. 80’s has influence but this is fresh. Thank you

  9. Wow. This is fantastic.
    Making it really hard for me to be set on seeing Animotion at Cruel World. Now I know your set is going to be fun as fuck.
    What a Perfectly upbeat 80s vibe.
    Welcome to LaLaLand… Hope you guys have fun here. 🤘😍

  10. They totally have the eighties sound dialed in. Reminds me of SSQ and Kim Wilde. I just picked up the cd. I really like their sound a lot.

  11. Apenas los acabo de descubrir gracias a mi hermano. Ya son uno de mis grupos favoritos! Que lindas canciones ! Me recuerdan mucho a Moenia. Les deseo lo mejor !!

  12. And here’s in my opinion the best song on the album! Really proud to have such talemted Mexican American artists out there creating masterpieces to inspire me! You guys are absolutely fantastic! Please continue to make amazing art. Look forward to hearing and seeing more from you all!

  13. thought this was new as I just seen a video of this on IG.

    make a song about missed calls on a Saturday due to you saving the world from impending doom.

  14. Ju$t found y’all on IG crazy thing I’ve been in the proce$$ of bringing back thi$ wave 🌊 a$ well but on the rap tip


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