Glass Spells – Confessions (Official Video)


New Album “Shattered” by Glass Spells out now:

Release through Negative Gain

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Credits: Videographer/Director: Mitch Wilson of Lunar Maps Productions
Editor: Tania Costello

Glass Spells Is:Tania Costello (Vocals)
Anthony Ramirez (Instruments)
Michael Buehl (Live Drums)

Song mixed by Steve Krolikowski


Come to me
Run with me
Speak to me my fantasy

You’re my
Innocent confession
Be my fictional obsession

My new age daydream
Comes to me
No one will save you

Run with me
In a new age misery
Speak to me
My fantasy

You’re my
Innocent confession
Be my fictional obsession
Oh uh oh

Haunting in my dreams
My new age dream
My new age daydream
My new age dream

Speak to me
my fantasy

You’re my
Innocent confession
Be my fictional obsession
Oh uh oh

You’re my
Innocent confession
Haunting me
Be my fictional obsession
In my dreams
You’re my innocent confession
Let me go

#glassspells #synthpop #confessions


  1. Ooooooooh I love the darkness of this video.
    This is my second most favorite song in the album next to Thrills
    I work at UPS ans I blast my music LOUD people ask me who was that? What was that song? Yall get us lit at UPS haha

  2. Love the video and song ! Looking lovely and gorgeous as always ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love that car too ! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. You guys really are making some of the best music videos around these days. Simple, yet detailed and full of life or another way of saying none of the shots fill wasted or like extra fluff, the background really sets the mood and all the movement is captivating as well, truly takes talent to pull that off more so in an age where everyone often feels like they need a million things going on and flashing about to keep people’s attention. No need to state the obvious, but I’ll say it anyway as everyone enjoys a sincere compliment, you guys are an awesome looking duo. Tania is a smoke show and looks amazing in that dress, truly beautiful and Anthony looks like a total boss as he simply looks cool and bad ass, together you guys make a really sharp looking duo, I am no fashion expert, but you guys have got it going on in the style department. Also another killer choice for a song to do a video for, this one isn’t as catchy as some of your bangers like shattered and thrills, but not every song needs to be obviously as variety is the spice of life and I would classify this one as a slower, but a very beautiful song, haunting almost with great lyrics and really nice to relax to, honestly I don’t think you guys have a dud on the album, all solid songs with some truly epic ones that feel like they will stand the test of time.

    Truly it is a crime against humanity that you guys are not way more famous, you guys are putting in the work and are immensely talented and I also feel there is just a ton of people out there that would absolutely love your music and videos if they knew about them. It kind of makes me wish I was more active on social media or ran with a larger circle of people just so I could promote you more, so I really hope the fans that are more active in those scenes are shouting off the rooftops to help you get more attention because you guys are criminally under rated and I really feel so many people are missing out on quality content. Keep up the amazing work and do whatever you need to do to keep that passion alive, while your fanbase is still growing I am quite sure the fans you do have already really appreciate and admire you greatly, music is perhaps the best part of life as it can enhance almost any situation and set a mood so from myself as well as all the other fans, thank you for blessing us with such awesome music, looking forward to more of your great art and wishing you the best and all the success in the world.

  4. Paguen una propaganda para que más gente vea su trabajo, la verdad vale la pena invertir un poco …Lamentablemente YouTube trabaja su algoritmo con música basura (Reggaetón y esas porquerías) Tienen mucho talento y creo podrían llegar lejos , pero hay que invertir un poco 😉

  5. brand new listener to the band and i been listening like crazy 🙂 great synth vibes and similar to a favorite band of mine (The Birthday Massacre) so glad i found ya’ll 🙂 also Singer Tania is so pretty!

  6. I’ve been listening non-stop, but this is the first time I thought to check if you had an official Youtube channel! I love your music! – TGS

  7. I seen these guys live!

    I LOVED THEM!!!!!

    eve tho they have only one album
    They’re my second fav band now

  8. 🌶️🔊💀👻👻👻👻👻👻☁️🍬♻️🌐🌊🚘🥃🧿🚪entrer I LOUD AND LÓẞT Listening like Looney Tunes 🧳

  9. Just found you guys on TikTok and shocked this song doesn’t have more views. Love the sound, hoping you guys blow up and tour with cannons someday 🤞

  10. I really want to thank you for breathing life back into this sound and aesthetic! I only wish I’d heard you sooner… keep doing what you’re doing!

  11. The beggining synth keys sound like prototype – come back to me (1986)… very good song this is what we need right now

  12. Yo, I don’t dance. Like ever. This is my biggest challenge yet. Nevermind my shoulders, they just vibeing…not dancing.

  13. This is something really special, just wait until a couple TikTok NPCs use your music in their edits and your stuff is going to blow up.

  14. Just listened to your music this morning via Instagram for the first time, sooo cool. Took me back to the most awesome time in my life, the 80s☺. I appreciate your passion in music! So fresh!!🔥🔥Please keep making more!

  15. Omg.. I found you guys and I fell in love with your music, especially this song. I’m going to share this video all over my social media. Xoxo ❤️🌹🖤

  16. Love it , discovered this song on a video with a little boy wearing a devil costume and researched the song and been hooked

  17. Denisse 😮 u look so …. mmm… different 😊

    (Kiddin’ 😅)

    U guys sound like Synthspace, pop, Italo, wave ‘n electro 😍😍😍

    Luv ya!!

    Tania oh My!!!!



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