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Former Target Worker Reveals Secret Way To Get A Big Discount

Shoppers aren’t buying as much as they used to, and part of the reason why is that prices keep getting higher. Sales and coupons can help but it turns out there is another way to save – a secret discount that Target offers that very few customers know about… until now. A former employee revealed how shoppers at the store can get products for cheaper.

TikTok creator Kaitlynd shared the hack, which is that you can get any product with a damaged box for 10% off, explaining, “You know whenever you’re going to pick up a box or something, and you’re like, ‘Oh, that box is damaged. I don’t want that one. I want the pretty one from the back.’ Don’t do that. You’re gonna grab that damaged box, walk your happy butt up to the register, and literally get ten percent off because the item is ‘damaged,’ even if the item inside of the box is not damaged.”

Kaitlynd went on to reveal other hacks, like how Target matches prices, stating, “Find the website, whatever the link that shows like what the other person’s price is, take it to the cashier; they’ll price match it for you. But you can also do it up to 14 days after your purchase. So if you buy something and then you’re like searching one day, and Best Buy has it for 25 percent cheaper, literally just take it back in-store or contact support, and they’ll refund you the difference between what you bought it for and what it was on sale for at a different store.”

There is a whole page on the Target site that explains just what Kaitlynd said about price matching. As for the damaged items, commenters backed up that claim. One replied, “I bought Olipops that had dents in it and the cashier was like thanks for taking the damaged ones. I’m going to give you a discount on all of them.” Kaitlyn responded, “NOBOODDDYY knows about the damage discount, i always get the beat up packaging now LOL.”

Check out Kaitlynd’s TikTok for more.

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