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Ex-Prison Guard Allegedly Filmed Having Sex With Inmate In Jail Cell

A female prison officer in the United Kingdom was arrested for allegedly having sex with an inmate in a jail cell. The Metropolitan Police launched an investigation on Friday (June 28) after officials at HMP Wandsworth learned that a video of the incident was shared on social media.

Officials said that 30-year-old Linda De Sousa Abreu was taken into custody at Heathrow Airport on Saturday before a flight to Madrid, Spain, to see her relatives.

She was traveling on a Portuguese passport, which was seized when she was arrested.

According to the BBC, De Sousa Abreu was charged with misconduct in public office. The charge stated that she “wilfully and without reasonable excuse or justification misconducted yourself in a way which amounted to an abuse of the public’s trust in the office holder by engaging in a sexual act with a prisoner in a prison cell.”

A judge granted her conditional bail until her next hearing at the end of the month.

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