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Clothing Chain Called ‘Pathetic’ After Declaring Bankruptcy, Closing Stores

Retail chains declaring bankruptcy and closing all their stores has become a pretty commonplace occurrence lately. Recently, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Christmas Tree Shops, Tuesday Morning, Rue21, The Body Shop and many others have shuttered all of their locations amid bankruptcies. It turns out though that there is a wrong way to close out stores, one that makes customers angry, and many people are accusing one chain that just declared bankruptcy of doing just that.

Discount clothing retailer Bob’s Stores recently announced that they would be closing all of their 21 locations amid bankruptcy following financial trouble. The company, which has been around for 70 years, is now holding sales at the soon-to-be-closed stores, and while plenty of folks are excited to save 30 to 70% on merchandise, others are mad with their experiences there.

Most of the issues seem to be centered around gift cards and the rewards program, which would grant shoppers a $10 reward for every 200 points they earned by making purchases. One person took to Facebook to vent, “They aren’t taking rewards anymore as of yesterday even though the sign said July 13.” Another added, “Even though the sign said later in July, we tried to use the rewards yesterday afternoon – and it was declined.” Someone else ranted, “The Simsbury (Connecticut) store wouldn’t take the gift card I bought. A new low. Could understand rewards not being honored but to take $ then not honor the transaction is pathetic.”

After declaring bankruptcy, the company initially stated that they would be closing a select number of stores, but have since changed that to all locations. Those stores all close for good on July 14. In response to the news, Dave Barton, president of the chain, said in a statement, “We regret that our financial position necessitated the liquidation of Bob’s Stores. Bob’s has been a stalwart of our local communities for nearly 70 years, and we know our customers remember us as having been there for major moments in their lives. We remain grateful to our vendors, suppliers, customers and employees for all of their support over the years.”

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