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Beryl Makes Landfall On Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula As A Category 2 Storm

Hurricane Beryl made landfall on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula as a strong Category 2 storm early Friday (July 5). The storm touched down north of Tulum with winds of 108 mph and gusts of 136 mph, according to the Yucatán Civil Protection Department.

Beryl is expected to cross the peninsula and re-emerge in the Gulf of Mexico later in the day, where it could regain strength and head towards the Gulf coast of Mexico and possibly southern Texas. The storm has remained on the northern side of projected routes, increasing the chance of a landfall in Texas.

The National Hurricane Center warned of damaging winds, a storm surge of up to six feet, and life-threatening surf and rip currents. It urged residents to complete preparations to protect life and property. The hurricane has already been blamed for nine deaths in Venezuela, Jamaica, and the Windward Island nations of Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador urged people to move to higher ground or shelter elsewhere, emphasizing that life is more important than material things. The storm is expected to weaken after landfall, but it is forecast to regain some strength in the Gulf of Mexico and move towards northeastern Mexico or southern Texas by the end of the weekend.

Beryl’s formation and strength set records. It was the first Category 4 hurricane on record to form in June and the earliest Category 4 storm of the Atlantic hurricane season. When Beryl strengthened to a Category 5 storm with maximum sustained winds of 165 mph this week, it became the strongest hurricane ever recorded in July.

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