You Can Now See How Every Uber Driver Rated You – Here’s How

Uber passengers will soon be able to see how drivers rated them.

Riders will now be able to access a detailed trip by trip overview showing how their ratings lead to their overall average, the rideshare company announced in a news release on its official website Wednesday (February 16).

Uber passengers can now select “View my ratings” within the app’s newly launched privacy center, which will show how many stars (1-5) riders receive for each trip.

“Starting today, all Uber users can access a breakdown of their average rating in the Uber app’s new Privacy Center. You’ll see how many drivers gave you a stellar 5-star rating, how many handed out the dreaded single star, and everything in between,” Uber wrote.

Uber provided the following details for accessing the Privacy Center and ratings breakdown in the app:

  • In the settings menu, tap privacy and then Privacy Center
  • In the Privacy Center, swipe to the right and click on the “would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber” tile
  • Scroll down to the “browse your data” section and tap on “View my ratings” to see the breakdown 

Additionally, Uber passengers will also be able to review their past trip information, payment details, control marketing preferences as part of the changes made to the app’s Privacy Center.

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