Woman Who Stopped To Help Lab Monkeys From Crashed Truck Says She’s Now Ill

A woman who stopped to help a crashed truck carrying 100 lab monkeys said she’s now feeling ill after the interaction.

Michele Fallon, of Danville, Pennsylvania, told PAHomepage.com that she’s concerned about her health days after one of the monkeys hissed in her face at the scene of the crash last Friday (January 21), telling the website she’s already received her first dose of the rabies vaccine and a round of anti-viral medication.

“I thought I was just doing the right thing by helping — I had no idea it would turn out this way,” Fallon said.

The crash took place Friday afternoon on State Route 54 near the Danville exit of Interstate 80. Fallon said she saw the crashed truck and decided to pull over to offer help.

“He just asked if his trailer was okay. He never said, ‘if you do come near a crate do not touch it,’ if he would have told me that, I would have been more careful,” Fallon said.

At that point, Fallon said she came face-to-face with a monkey that hissed in her face, as well as coming in close contact with the others.

“I was close to the monkeys, I touched the crates, I walked through their feces so I was very close. So I called to inquire, you know, was I safe?” Fallon said.

Three of the 100 monkeys were reported to have escaped after the crash, but all have since been accounted for.

Trooper Andrea Pelachick said the truck carrying the monkeys was traveling to a laboratory prior to the crash occurring, the Daily Item reported on Saturday (January 22).

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