Woman Used AirTags To Track Her Boyfriend To A Bar, Where She Killed Him

A 26-year-old woman is in custody for allegedly killing her boyfriend in the parking lot of a bar in Indianapolis, Indiana. According to court documents obtained by WISHGaylyn Morris thought her boyfriend, 26-year-old Andre Smith, was cheating on her.

To confirm her suspicions, Morris used an Apple AirTag and GPS to track Smith’s location to the bar, where she found him with another woman. Morris confronted the woman and tried to hit her with an empty wine bottle, but Smith intervened and tried to break up the fight.

The staff at the bar ordered all three people to leave, but that didn’t stop the confrontation from escalating. Morris followed Smith and got in her car. She then ran him over in the parking lot as shocked bystanders watched. She proceeded to back over him and then pulled forward, running over him a third time. With Smith still pinned under her car, Morris got out and tried to fight the woman he was with. By that time, officers arrived at the bar and took Morris into custody.

She is facing charges of murder and will be formally charged during a court hearing later this week.

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