Woman Sues Man For $10,000 For Standing Her Up On A Date

A Michigan man was shocked when he learned he was being sued for $10,000 because he didn’t show up for a date with a woman in 2020. QaShontae Short filed a lawsuit against Richard Jordan, claiming she suffered from emotional distress after he stood her up. She said it was even more painful because the date coincided with her late mother’s birthday.

Both Short and Jordan represented themselves in the virtual legal preceding. In a video posted by WJBKJordan told Judge Herman Marable Jr. he thought the case would be thrown out.

“To be honest with you, sir, I thought this was going to get thrown out. We went on one date – one date – and now I’m being sued for $10,000. I don’t think this is going to go any further, and I think it’s a waste of your time,” Jordan said.

Short, who appeared to be walking through an airport during the hearing, argued with the judge on several occasions. During one exchange, Short accused Jordan of committing perjury. Judge Marable quickly shot her down.

“If he responds and his response is a lie, then it’s perjury, and my documents would prove it’s a lie,” Short said.

“No, no, no… do you understand what perjury is?” Marable responded.

“Please do not insult my intelligence. Do not do that. Do not insult my intelligence as if I don’t understand what ‘perjury’ means,” Short replied.

In another exchange, Marable asked Short to be quiet, but she refused, and he asked for her to be muted.

Eventually, the judge informed Short that she had filed her lawsuit with the wrong court and dismissed the case.

According to USA TodayShort has filed over a dozen lawsuits dating back to 2000.

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