Woman Fatally Shoots Teenage Carjacking Suspect With His Own Gun

A woman from North Las Vegas, Nevada, fatally shot an 18-year-old who was trying to carjack her with his own gun. The shooting occurred last month, but the police released information about the case after determining the woman acted in self-defense and would not face charges.

Officials said that two women were sitting in a parked car when another car pulled up and parked in front of them. Three armed men then got out and ordered the women to get out of the vehicle.

One of the suspects jumped into the driver’s seat but had trouble getting the car to start. While he was trying to figure out how to use the push-to-start system, he placed his gun on his lap. The woman then grabbed his gun and ran from the car.

As she tried to flee, another one of the men tackled her from behind. She managed to get up and shoot the man, identified as Devonte Madison. The other men started shooting at the woman, but she managed to escape and was able to hide at a nearby property until the police arrived.

Investigators identified one of the other suspects as Jaylen Morrison, 18, and took him into custody. He was charged with first-degree kidnapping, attempted robbery, burglary with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Officials said they are still trying to identify the other suspect who was involved in the attempted carjacking.

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