Woman Allegedly Dismembered Man In Meth-Fueled Assault

A Wisconsin woman is facing multiple charges after allegedly killing a man and then dismembering his body. Authorities responded to a home in Green Bay after the victim’s mother reported finding her son’s head in a bucket.

When officers arrived, they found the bucket with a man’s head in the basement, covered by a towel. As they searched the house, they found a mattress covered in blood and a plastic storage tote with the man’s upper torso inside.

They located the suspect, 24-year-old Taylor Schabusiness, in a nearby home and searched her van, where they found a crockpot containing a pair of legs.

Schabusiness told police that she smoked meth with the victim and then engaged in violent sex, in which she strangled the 25-year-old to death. She admitted to playing with the body for several hours before she started to cut it into pieces.

“Schabusiness stated the plan was for her to bring all of the body parts with her, but she got lazy and only ended up putting the leg/foot in the van, and she forgot the head,” officers wrote in the criminal complaint.

Schabusiness was booked on charges of first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse, and third-degree sexual assault. A judge ruled that she was considered a flight risk and set her bail at $2 million.

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