Wegmans Shuts Down Self-Checkout App Because Of Rampant Shoplifting

Grocery chain Wegmans announced they are shutting down a self-checkout app that was launched in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. The SCAN app allowed shoppers to scan the barcodes of items as they shopped, making it easier and faster to pay for their items at the self-checkout kiosks when they were finished.

Wegmans said that it decided to get rid of the app because too many customers were shoplifting.

“Unfortunately, the losses we are experiencing prevent us from continuing to make it available in its current state,” the company said in a statement. “We’ve made the decision to turn off the app until we can make improvements that will meet the needs of our customers and business.”

Wegmans did not provide any details about how much money they lost due to shoplifting. The company said it is working on “new digital solutions” but did not provide any information about those plans.

The grocery chain said that customers who used the app would be credited with a $20 gift card.

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