WATCH: Transformers Explode Behind Florida Reporter During Ian Coverage

Transformers exploded behind a TV reporter while she was covering the destructive Hurricane Ian in Florida.

WFLA‘s Shannon Behnken was in Riverview around 6 a.m. Thursday (September 29) over reports of a transformer leaning when it suddenly blew up right behind her. Two more explosions rang out just after the first one, sparks flying and lighting up the sky.

“While we were actually waiting for our last live shot, that transformer right behind me blew up,” Behnken said. “It was very dramatic – it blew up on one side right behind me… I could actually feel the heat of that from across the street.”

The journalist added that whatever power was left in the neighborhood went out following the sudden blasts.

“This is, again, a reminder of how dangerous it is out here on the roads. This could happen as cars are passing by and on our way here, we saw multiple trees down in the streets. So you need to be extremely careful if you are driving out here,” Behnken warns.

Emergency response crews are asking people to stay inside their homes as they assess the damage from the hurricane. Ian struck Florida’s west coast as a powerful Category 4 hurricane Wednesday afternoon (September 28), lashing Central Florida with dangerous storm surges, 150 mph winds, and huge floods.

Some parts of Florida are still underwater as rescuers seek victims trapped in their homes or needing help. Over 2.5 million people are without power, and officials have no word on the death toll.

Ian has since downgraded into a tropical storm, according to the National Hurricane Center.

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