WATCH: Road Rage Incident Leads To Gunfire On Miami Highway

A road rage incident on a Miami highway turned into a man opening fire on another driver.

In dashcam footage released from the incident in June, obtained by Andy Slater, starts off with a man singing alone in his car. He then cut another driver off who honked at him. The driver proceeded to “brake check” the driver behind him. Moments later, the driver pulled a gun out of the middle console and opened fire on the other driver.

No one was injured in the incident, but both cars were riddled with bullet holes.

The video footage contradicts Florida Highway Patrol’s initial report, according to Jalopnik. Eric Popper, 30, said he was defending himself and the other driver opened fired first. Florida Highway Patrol also said the damage to Popper’s car was self-inflicted.

“The other driver claimed that he wasn’t armed and hurled a water bottle at Popper, which Florida Highway Support now supports,” Jalopnik reported.

Popper told NBC 6 South Florida, “You hear a bang on Mr. Popper’s car, akin to a gunshot, which precipitated the whole incident, so in this matter, the audio and video evidence we believe exonerates him.”

Popper is now facing a charge of aggravated assault with a firearm.

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