WATCH: Protesters Throw Mashed Potatoes On $110 Million Monet Painting

A pair of climate protesters were arrested after they threw mashed potatoes on a $110 million Claude Monet painting at the Barberini Museum in Germany.

After the two protesters threw the mashed potatoes on the painting titled “Grainstacks,” they glued their hands to the wall and began to yell at other patrons of the museum.

“We are in a climate catastrophe. And all you are afraid of is tomato soup or mashed potatoes on a painting,” one of the protesters said, referencing a similar protest in London.

“This painting is not going to be worth anything if we have to fight over food,” she added.

The pair was taken into custody and is facing charges of property damage and trespassing.

Officials said that the painting was not damaged and was briefly taken down to be cleaned. It has since been put back on display.

German climate group Last Generation claimed responsibility for the stunt in a video posted on Twitter.

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