WATCH: Pilot Deploys Parachute To Slow Plane As It Crashes Onto Sidewalk

A Belgian pilot is lucky to be alive after crash landing his single-engine light aircraft on the sidewalk in a residential neighborhood. Officials said that the pilot, who was not identified, was forced to deploy the plane’s ballistic recovery system after suffering a mid-air emergency.

A stunning video captured the plane as it slowly careened nose-first toward the ground. The plane made a loud crash as it slammed into the sidewalk, remaining upright after getting stuck on a metal fence.

Miraculously, the pilot walked away from the crash with only minor injuries. He was able to exit the aircraft before first responders arrived. While the plane did not burst into flames, firefighters sprayed it with a layer of foam as a precaution.

The pilot told officials that he lost the ability to control the aircraft and was forced to deploy the plane’s emergency parachute to prevent it from landing hard as it crashed into the ground. Investigators have not determined what caused the pilot to lose the ability to control the single-engine plane.

Officials said his decision to deploy the ballistic recovery system saved his life by slowing the plane down before it hit the pavement.

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