WATCH: Man’s Backpack Bursts Into Flames After Getting Tased By A Cop

A high-speed police chase in Arkansas came to a dramatic end when the suspect’s backpack burst into flames after he was tased by a police officer.

The incident occurred on October 18, when an Arkansas State Trooper tried to pull over 38-year-old Christopher Gaylor because his motorcycle did not have a license plate.

Gaylor refused to stop and led officers on a chase through a residential neighborhood. He hit speeds of more than 100 mph as he blew through stop signs and traffic lights.

Eventually, Gaylor jumped off his motorcycle and tried to flee on foot. One of the troopers fired his taser at Gaylor and struck his backpack, which burst into flames. Investigators said that Gaylor had a bottle of gasoline in his backpack, which ignited when it was hit by the taser.

Gaylor was rushed to the hospital and is in stable condition with severe burns on his body.

He is facing multiple charges, including felony fleeing, failure to register a vehicle, no liability insurance, driving with a suspended license, and reckless driving.

Officials did not say why Gaylor was driving around with a gallon of gasoline in his backpack.

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