WATCH: Incorrectly Painted Street Lines Cause Confusion For Local Drivers

A California road that was recently repaved caused confusion to local drivers.

Street lines along Ladd Lane in Hollister were incorrectly painted and, instead of going in straight and vertical, instead took the form of odd shapes.

“I saw it later in the afternoon on my way home from work, and I thought, ‘Woah, this is the strangest thing I’ve seen,'” said Hollister Mayor Ignacio Velazquez told KSBW in San Diego.

The mishap stemmed from the city’s attempt to add a bike lane and central circles on the road in an effort to slow traffic and prohibit drivers from using the road as a drag racing strip.

However, the lanes instead turned out to look like zig-zags, rather than the typical straight lines present on most dividing roads.

“Basically, it just comes down to the contractor. Somebody didn’t read the plans correctly,” Mayor Velazquez told KSBW. “It was not designed to look very odd.”

KSBW shared footage from Ladd Lane, which showed several confused drivers attempt to follow the odd pattern, while others ignored them and continued to drive as they would otherwise.

City officials confirmed to KSBW that there were plans for contractors to begin fixing the lanes on Monday (July 25) at no cost to local taxpayers.

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