WATCH: House Falls Into Yellowstone River After Record Flooding

A home built along the Yellowstone River in Gardiner, Montana, collapsed into the water amid historic flooding across the region. According to NBC Newsthe house was supported by stilts in the river, which were snapped by the fast-moving water.

A video captured the moment when the house fell into the water and floated downstream.

A series of major storms dumped up to four inches of rain over the weekend, resulting in record flooding that forced officials to close down all five entrances to Yellowstone National Park. In addition, authorities ordered an evacuation for areas of the park as the storms knocked out power and destroyed roads, bridges, and homes.

The Yellowstone River reached a highwater mark of almost 14 feet on Monday, shattering the previous record of 11.5 feet, which was set over 100 years ago.

Officials said that road access to Gardiner was completely cut off and that rescue workers had to evacuate stranded residents on boats and in helicopters.

“I’ve never seen this, not in my lifetime,” Austin King, a firefighter and EMT in Gardiner told USA Today.

The park will remain closed through at least Wednesday (June 15) as workers inspect the damage caused by the flooding and mudslides.

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