WATCH: Dog Accidentally Turns On Stove, Sparking House Fire

Officials in Missouri are warning homeowners about the danger of easy-to-use, touch-start appliances. The Southern Platte Fire Protection District shared a video showing how a dog managed to jump up on the stovetop and turn the burner on.

The video, recorded by the homeowner’s Nest security camera, captured the dog standing on its hind legs with its paws on the burners. As the dog jumps down, you can see the flames ignite as one of the burners turns on.

The video shows smoke slowly filling the room before the stove ignites into a giant fireball.

Southern Platte Fire Protection District Division Chief Chris Denney told Fox News that a pan with grease from the night before caught on fire, causing moderate damage to the kitchen.

The homeowner told KSNT that one of her dogs ran outside once the fire started while her other dog was trapped inside. Firefighters managed to rescue both dogs, and they are both expected to be okay.

Denney said that homeowners need to be careful if they have touch-activated appliances.

“New appliances are being seen with touch controls that activate by the simple touch of a finger. An animal’s paw can also activate these types of controls,” Denney warned.

“Please use built-in safety’s if available on appliances when not in use and accessible by children and/or animals,” he added.

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