WATCH: Cars Get Stuck As Storms Dump Over A Foot Of Hail

Residents in Colorado were shocked when a series of severe thunderstorms dumped roughly a foot of hail on Wednesday (July 28) night. The tiny balls of ice piled up on the streets and sidewalks, making the roads impassable.

Several drivers found themselves stuck and had to shovel the hail to free their cars. Chelsea Leigh Stills shared several videos on Facebook showing people trudging through the hail and trying to dig out their cars. In one video, flashes of lightning can be seen in the background as a group of people work together to push one of the stuck cars.

“Who had “Elkhorn Avenue impassable in July” on their 2022 Bingo cards,” the Estes Park Police Department joked on Facebook.

The massive piles of hail made the city look like a summer blizzard had rolled through.

“No this is not winter in Estes… this is what’s left of last night’s 10pm hailstorm in downtown which needed to be plowed!!,” one user wrote on Twitter.

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