Video Shows Rock Climber Fight Off Attacking Bear

A video shared online shows a rock climber fighting off an attacking bear.

The footage, which was shot from the climber’s perspective on Mount Futago earlier this month, shows a black bear suddenly charge at the climber.

The climber immediately defends himself by screaming, kicking and punching at the bear, who continues to make several attempts to lunge toward him.

The climber, who said he was trained in karate and mixed martial arts, manages to stop the bear’s advances while clinging to a rock ledge and, after about 30 seconds, the bear is seen running away with its cub into a brush while the climber observes the area to make sure the bear doesn’t return.

TMZ Sports reports the bear may have felt threatened by the climber invading its territory and/or felt the need to protect its cub from the man.

Earlier this year, a video shared online showed a South Carolina woman successfully chase off a bear by using her “teacher voice.”

Debbie Tomlinson, who had previously worked in Greenville County as a school teacher, is heard coaxing the bear off the deck of her Sapphire, North Carolina condominium in a video shared on her YouTube account, which begins with her firmly knocking on the glass door and telling the bear, “That was not OK” as the bear walks across the deck railing and toward her bird feeders.

Tomlinson then used her “teacher voice” after several more knocks on the glass and tells the bear “you get down from my porch right now.”

“I opened the door and coaxed her down,” Tomlinson told WYFF 4, referring to the commanding tone used in the video. 

“Well, of course (I used that voice,) she added. “It works every time. I wasn’t afraid. I just didn’t want to lose my feeders. It was very exciting.”

The bear then jumps off the deck and climbs down to the ground below.

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