Video Shows Rescue Of 83-Year Old From KY Floods As Hundreds Remain Missing

The death toll from the historic floods in Kentucky has risen to 30, Governor Andy Beshear said in a Monday (August 1) morning update. Beshear warned that the death toll will likely climb even higher as hundreds of people remain unaccounted for.

“That’s going to grow,” he said. “We know about additional bodies beyond these 30 confirmed.”

Over 1,400 people have been rescued since last week, with numerous agencies conducting air and water rescues across the state.

The Wolfe County Search & Rescue Team shared a dramatic video of a helicopter airlifting an 83-year-old woman and her family off the roof of her flooded house.

“This residence had 5 members trapped in the attic. Wolfe County Swift Water techs broke through a window to gain access to the family. One at a time, they were transported out of the home to gain access to the roof, where a guardsman was positioned to assist with the hoist. On this particular evolution, an 83yr old female was hoisted to safety,” the agency wrote.

Rescue efforts have been hampered by ongoing storms, which have dumped over a foot of rain in some parts of Eastern Kentucky. Severe weather is in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday, which could bring even more rain, along with high winds and thunderstorms that could produce hail.

While the weather is expected to be dry on Wednesday, temperatures could soar into the 90s, leaving many people vulnerable to the hot weather.

“People need to be careful, and it’s going to get even tougher,” Beshear said. “When the rain stops, it’s going to get really hot, and we need to make sure people are ultimately stable by that point in time.”

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