Video Shows Cat Narrowly Escape Fight With Coyote

Video captured from the deck of a Texas home shows a cat narrowly escape an attacking coyote.

Surfside resident Tony Gray shared the footage with KHOU, which shows the coyote chase the cat onto the deck and attempt to pounce, but the cat manages to swipe back at the wild animal and hiss before diving under a lounge chair.

The cat then climbs up a fence and is pulled down by its tail, but manages to once again climb back up and hang on for safety as the coyote gives up and exits the scene.

Gray said the cat — who doesn’t belong to him — didn’t appear to be injured during the incident.

“They say they have nine lives,” Gray said via KHOU. “So I hope he’s got eight left.”

Gray said the noise from the incident woke him up and he witnessed the attack through his window, which he banged on to scare the coyote away.

“I’ve never seen one before, never experienced them,” Gray said. “I’ve heard about rabies so I didn’t want to introduce myself to a situation where I got hurt.”

Gray told KHOU he was unaware that coyotes were present in Surfside when he moved to the town, but said he respects wildlife.

“The last thing I would want to do is mess up that ecosystem,” Gray said. “So maybe it’s just best that people keep their pets inside at night.”

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