Video Shows 2 Rescued After Being Thrown From Boat In ‘Circle Of Death’

A video shared by local police shows two people being rescued after being ejected from a boat and stranded in a “Circle of Death” earlier this week.

The Marshfield Police Department said it received a call on Tuesday (July 5) from Captain Dana Blackman of the fishing vessel Finest Kind, who reported seeing a 24-foot center console boat circling at a high rate in the area of Farnham Rock bouy No. 6, about 3/4 of a mile from Brant Rock, according to a news release shared on the department’s website.

Captain Blackman said two males — including one who flagged down help while waving a t-shirt in the water — were pulled from the water after he observed the circling boat.

Police said the two men were somehow ejected from the boat and weren’t wearing lifejackets or tethered to a vessel kill switch when they were found stranded within the boat’s tight, out-of-control circle pattern.

Marshfield Police called for a temporary beach closure and a one-mile security zone in an effort to rescue the men from the “Circle of Death,” as well as prohibit others from getting in its path as the boat continued its westerly track in a tight, high speed tracking towards Green Harbor and Brant Rock.

The Sea Tow managed to foul the prop using a nylon tow line after a 90-minute response and the two men were successfully rescued without injury.

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