U.S.-Based Ammunition Company Sending One Million Bullets To Ukraine

Ukrainian officials have been pleading with other nations to send military aid as Russian troops continue their attacks. An ammunition company in Scottsdale, Arizona, has answered the call and wants to donate one million bullets to soldiers in Ukraine to help them fight off the Russian soldiers invading their country.

“First of all, I believe in the Second Amendment. I also believe in freedom and democracy,” said AMMO Inc.’s CEO, Fred Wagenhals, according to KSAZ.

“I think we should donate,” Wagenhals said, recalling a conversation with another executive. “He said, ‘How much? I said,’ How about a half-million?’ He said, ‘How about 1 million?’ And I said, ‘OK, a million.'”

Wagenhals said he has secured a private plane and is ready to ship the ammo, including 7.62 mm caliber bullets used in machine guns. However, the U.S. government has to approve the shipment of bullets, which have a value of around $700,000. He did not provide any information on when the government will approve the donation.

Remmington Arms also vowed to donate one million bullets to Ukraine.

“We heard President Zelenskyy’s call. Remington is sending 1M rounds of ammo to Ukraine,” the gunmaker said on Twitter.

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