Two American Citizens Killed While Fighting In Ukraine

The U.S. State Department announced that two Americans were killed in the Donbas region of Ukraine.

“We can confirm the recent deaths of two U.S. citizens in the Donbas region of Ukraine,” a State Department spokesperson said. “We are in touch with the families and providing all possible consular assistance.”

Officials did not provide any details about their identities or why they were in Ukraine.

“Out of respect to the families during this difficult time, we have nothing further.”

A report from Politico said that two Americans were killed by tank fire during an hours-long battle with Russian forces. A commander with the unit told the news outlet that Luke “Skywalker” Lucyszyn and Bryan Young were the two Americans killed. He also identified two other victims who died during the battle: Emile-Antoine Roy-Sirois of Canada and Edvard Selander Patrignani of Sweden.

“The first shell injured Luke. Three guys, Edward, Emile, and Bryan, they immediately attempted to help Luke, to do first aid, and evacuate him from this spot. Then the second shell killed them all,” he said.

Lucyszyn’s mother confirmed to ABC News that her son was killed.

When asked by reporters about the status of Americans Alexander Drueke and Andy Hunyh, who were captured by Russian forces, the spokesperson said the State Department has “been in contact with the Ukrainian and Russian authorities regarding U.S. citizens who may have been captured by Russia’s forces or proxies while fighting in Ukraine.”

“We call on Russia to live up to its international obligations to treat all individuals captured fighting with Ukraine’s armed forces as prisoners of war,” they added.

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