Twitter Reacts To Popular Ice Cream Being Discontinued

Klondike officially announced the discontinuation of the Choco Taco on Monday (July 25).

The company responded to several Twitter users amid speculation that the popular ice cream bar was being discontinued due to its decision to slim down its portfolios to meet the demand of more popular items amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“A necessary but unfortunate part of this process is that we sometimes must discontinue products, even a beloved item like Choco Taco,” Klondike posted on its verified account. “We know this may be very disappointing, and hope you’ll try our other delicious frozen treats!”

“Unfortunately, the Choco Taco has been discontinued in both 1ct and 4ct packs,” the company added in a response to severalTwitter users. “Over the past 2 years, we have experienced an unprecedented spike in demand across our portfolio and have had to make very tough decisions to ensure availability of our full portfolio nationwide.”

The official announcement led to “Choco Taco” trending throughout Monday as even more fans of the ice cream bar expressed their sadness over the decision.

A representative for Klondike told CNN that fans of the Choco Taco could still likely find them as ice cream truck vendors and stores sell their remaining inventory.

The Choco Taco was introduced in the early 1980s as an item sold exclusively on ice cream trucks before Unilever, Klondike’s parent company, later distributed it in stores as well.

Inventor Alan Drazen credited the Choco Taco as offering a unique ice cream-eating experience while discussing the legacy of the dessert in a 2016 story by Eater.

“When you eat a sugar cone, you generally eat the nuts, chocolate, and ice cream on the top,” Drazen said. “With the Choco Taco you’re getting the ice cream, cone, nuts, and chocolate with just about every bite.” 

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