Top Salty Nerd Podcast Moments of 2021 – Thank You For A Great Year!

2021 was one heck of a year for the Salty Nerd Podcast. An A-list Hollywood director publicly attacked them on Twitter. A major TV show became hard-core fans of the podcast. And the next-door neighbor’s gardeners rescheduled!

2021 was the first year the Salty Nerd Podcast did a video version of their show, and playing the YouTube game has been quite a learning experience. But you know what? It’s also been a lot of fun! In this special episode, the Salty Nerds look back on their year and talk about the moments they remember the most, and the fun they had in what was otherwise a pretty crappy period in history.

We want to thank all our listeners, viewers, and fans for discovering us, sticking with us, and supporting us in 2021! We couldn’t have done it without you guys, and your support has motivated us to keep on going in some challenging times.

We hope you enjoy this retrospective episode, and here’s to even more SALT in 2022!

Do you have a favorite Salty Nerd Podcast moment? If so, share it with us in the comments!

0:00 Introduction
5:48 El Mariachi Spanish Moment
8:21 Talking about Star Trek Movies
13:24 James Mangold Incident
16:29 Andy Signore Visit
18:48 Half Star For Dina Myer
23:07 Star Trek Convention
29:28 Kare Conradi Interview
34:02 David Hewlett Doing SNP
40:14 The Gardeners Rescheduled
42:34 Our Invasion Reviews
44:58 Learning How To Edit
48:07 Break
49:14 Crazy Cat Lady
53:02 Crew & Cast of SEE
1:04:55 Norsemen
1:07:48 Dad Joke Chicken
1:12:51 Retro We-Watch
1:18:41 Pon Farr
1:20:40 Coming 2 America Review
1:22:19 Vader explaining the Trifecta
1:27:48 Shoutouts


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  1. Wow I missed the roast of your clothes. Very funny. Maybe I’ll watch See – very cool creators.. For some reason I hate foot massages, not from a lack of trying. Lol.


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