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  1. *_Fun fact: I like the way how every fan showed up for this one. I hope to have a fanbase this loyal supporting my music videos like this ☺☺_*

  2. Lil Durk & lil baby are the artist of the year , and Remble and Pooh Shiesty are rookies of the year. That’s just my opinion

  3. Mach hommy got one of the best albums of the year “pray for haiti”. Never saw him or really heard of him much but he’s making great music. Surprised they acknowledged him

  4. 100% Nas is there. Also Mach Hommy, Benny the Butcher, Armand Hammer and Tyler The Creator. Putting Jada at 1 over any of those is because of numbers and popularity, not beats and rhymes. Also as a UK hip hop head got to shout out Little Simz, Ghetts and Dave, even if Americans dgaf about them. 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧

  5. So we giving Jada the top spot because of a Versus battle? Nas need to be top 3 EASILY the man re ignited his whole career after going cold for almost the whole 2010 decade. Three albums all bangers, rapping better than almost all these cats, I say almost to be nice.

  6. MY OPINION based on what I witnessed this year

    J Cole
    Benny The Butcher
    Lil Wayne
    Boldy James
    Styles P
    RJ Payne
    Lil Baby
    Lil Durk
    Westside Gunn

    I like to base off music releases. Not just performance. I know Jada released music but I can’t put him on the list for performing music he made YEARS ago. He’s in my Top Ten of all time no doubt but not of 2021

  7. A whole dude saying basic stuff y’all number 1. I’m sorry who’s y’all goat 😂 Nawl just playing but I wish 3 stacks would’ve kept dropping because……….oh well

  8. Curren$y, Larry June, J Cole, Gibbs, Benny, W$G, Mach Hommy, Jadakiss, Big Sean, Drake, Migos, Nas, Durk, Lil Baby, Dave East, Wale, Boldy James, Isaiah Rashad, Mick Jenkins, & Conway


  9. These dudes contradict themselves so much. How you gonna say we can’t use Gibbs singles to rank him, but Jada should definitely be on the list based off Verzuz??

  10. We’ll light some candles and a hookah shorties flicking the lights We’ll play Aaliyahs greatest hits you’ll get all tickeled inside 😆 🤣 still in my top 10 diss songs of all time!!! But Joe…what you think bout 7 am on bridle path? 🤔 …he went in sound like you really inspired him!! I thought it was a mm intro!!!

  11. Jadakiss ain’t even put an album out he just did a verses on acapella that’s it I’m going to tell you this why he’s on top of the list


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